• Creative Productions with STGF

    Creative Productions with STGF

    Whether you are an agency, a brand, freelance director,
    photographer or production company, we’ve got your back.

    Short Term Girlfriend was literally born on set.
    The founding members are both broadly experienced producers.

    Creative Production is about collaboration and finding the right team.
    So for us, no different really to Creative Recruitment.

    We can workshop production solutions, and solve just about
    any problem you might want to throw our way.

    STGF are well connected to the best freelance producers,
    integrated producers, production managers, crew and suppliers
    to whip any production into shape.



  • For Freelance Directors and Photographers

    freelance creative work Freelance Directors and Photographers quote

    We’ve got your back.

    If you are a director or photographer we’d like to help.
    We can partner with you in a little way, a big way or a somewhere in the middle way.
    We’ll do what you need us to do, so you can get on with what you love to do.
    We’re like having your own production company, except you can use us or not.
    You can pick and choose what you want our help with.

    freelance integrated producer job

    + Client, agency and support artist liaison
    + Fee guidance, scheduling and quoting
    + Pitching and treatment writing support
    + Full production services, including specialist crewing,
    booking equipment, location scouting and casting
    + Scheduling, production timeline and budget management
    + Post production facilitation for final asset delivery
    + Budget reconciliation, invoicing and crew payments
    + Public liability, workers compensation and production insurances

    Talk to us about how we can help.

  • For Brands and Agencies

    Less worry, more beauty

    If you’ve got your eye on a photographer or director who is freelance
    we make it simple to work with them.
    We act as their production company, either externally working
    with your agency producer, if you have one.
    Or we can be modern, unbundled and cross agency,
    working with both of you to deliver the vision.

    It’s cost effective and results effective.
    No more worrying about hiring a creative person with no one to wrangle them.

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    Production Brands and Agencies use STGF
  • For Production Companies and Stills Agents

    Production Company and Still Agents Sydney

    We understand you know your stuff.

    STGF are here to manage productions when you’re swamped.

    We offer freelance full service production for your shoots.

    With 40 years combined industry production experience
    across Broadcast, Print, Digital, Experiential and Post,
    your clients will be handled with the care you’d give them…
    if only you had time.

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