Who We are


Wranglers to the creative industry for over 40 years.

We know what it takes to make stuff happen in this crazy, wonderful, creative industry.
For over 40 years we’ve been wrangling creatives, clients and projects.

Call us cat herders, miracle workers or slightly insane. But we love this business.
We believe in creativity. We created Short Term Girlfriend because we are decades in
and we still can’t imagine doing anything else. We wanted to do recruitment differently.

Short Term Girlfriend Team

Samantha Simpson

Sam loves creative people.
This determined, loyal, lioness has been championing creativity for 25 years.

She understands the power creativity has to make a difference. How it can build
brands, grow businesses, and, most importantly, change hearts and minds.

What began as junior roles in photography studios grew into a lifelong passion
for enabling creative people that took her all over the world and back to Australia again.

Sam’s driven to make a difference in the creative industries.

Founding Sam I Am in 2002, and Short Term Girlfriend in 2020
because she’s passionate about connecting talented creative people
with businesses that value them. Helping drive collaborations,
and changing the way creative careers are managed, for the better.

For her, this isn’t just business. It’s a force for better, just like Sam herself.

Mel Reardon

Mel cares about results. For more than 20 years, Mel has been leading the execution of
creative projects for Australia’s best agencies, production companies and brands.

Experienced in producing TVC’s, content, stills, experiential, events and integrated
campaigns Mel understands both creative people and creative companies.

With production company, agency and post-production experience, Mel really gets the
industry processes and expectations. She knows how to make creative collaboration
happen to deliver to the highest quality result.

She’s our Head of Talent and Operations at Short Term Girlfriend
and is on a mission to unite the freelancers of Australia and champion a better way of working.

Justine Tasker

Creativity is in Justine’s DNA.

Born in Zimbabwe, Justine moved to Cape Town after school, where she studied advertising,
and worked as a copywriter, fashion editor and stylist, before moving the London to work for Getty Images.
In her role as art director, she collaborated with Europe’s creative and photographic elite,
before relocating to Sydney to head up Getty’s APAC office in Australia as National Creative Director.

This talented human innately understands creative people and what they need to be at their best.
She also has a natural affinity for creative matchmaking. She knows e-v-e-r-e-y-one and has Australia’s
best talent on speed dial. Great communicators, who are great at their craft.
Clever people she knows will deliver.

Justine sets her clients and her candidates up for success by forensically interrogating every brief.
She won’t go with what’s obvious, she’ll go with what will work, because this fearless feline is
relentless at finding the right fit for both parties.

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